Fire protection compound

The non-flammable fire-resistant glue Palstop KL is suitable for sticking different materials together. By means of the glue, one can stick for example metal sheets with porous boards. Metal construction elements can be mounted to ceramic, wooden or other temperature resistant elements. Additionally seams and gaps can be sealed effectively by means of Palstop KL. This sealing is very temperature resistant.

Mineral wool layers can be sticked to the board Palstop P5 by means of Palstop P5.

Veneers can be sticked to Palstop P ax - boards by means of Palstop KL.

Technical Data

namePalstop KL - fire protection glue
alkalinity (pH-value)≤ 11
density (kg/m³)1,4-1,6
hardening duration (min)10
Reaching the full strength after… (h)24
temperature resistant (°C)up to 1250
storage life (months)6