Fire protection board

Branddex offers fire protection boards and strips, that meet different requirements.

Insulates and cools

In case of fire inadmissibly high temperatures on the unexposed side of the building element  must be avoided. On the one hand,  by means of Palstop Pax good Insulation is achieved, on the other hand, a construction element is effectively cooled above a certain temperature. It means that in case of fire, depending on application,  the temperatures at the construction element stabilize or even decrease. Palstop Pax helps to achieve fire-resistance classes for building elements that are unavailable  at the use of ordinary mineral boards (e. g. gypsum composite board).

Customization at customers’ specification

Palstop P ax boards and strips are manufactured at customers’ specifications. The customer does not have to be worried about the cut and can immediately use the product.

High bending strength

Due to the fibreglass matting reinforcement Palstop P ax has a relatively high bending strength.  Additionally there is only a slightly bending strength loss in case of fire. Thus Palstop P ax can contribute to the stability of the construction element in case of fire.

Filled with Palstop P ax - inserts aluminum or steel profile construction elements can reach high fire-resistance classes.

In combination with veneer, it is possible to develop large area fire protection layers, which also meet aesthetic requirements.

Manufactured as lock insert, Palstop P ax protects effectively the door lock in case of fire.

Technical Data

namePalstop P Ax - fire protection board
fire classA1, non-flamable
water resistance low water resistance
alkalinity (ph-value)11
thickness (mm)1,5 -2,52,5-3030-60
thickness tolerance (mm)± 0,2± 0,5± 0,8
max. width (mm)1200 ± 1
max. lenght (mm)3000 ± 2
bulk density(kg/m³)1700
bending strength (N/mm²)14,60
surface coatingat customers' option coated with plastic or aluminum foil

Moisture resistant

Palstop P ax H is an advancement of the very successful Palstop P ax fire protection board. It has the same fire protection features as Palstop P ax product and, additionally, has a very good moisture resistance. This feature was tested and rated positively assessed by IFt Rosenheim testing centre  (test report  number: 12-001444-PR03). Therefore, the product is suitable for facades and rooms with increased humidity.

Variable layer thickness

Depending on different load requirements, the Palstop P ax H layer thickness can be increased in order to reduce the price. It is found that with the layer thickness increase, the bending strength decreases and the price is lower.

Technical Data

namePalstop P Ax H- fire-resistance board
fire classA1, non-flamable
moisture resistancevery good moisture resistance
alkalinity (ph-value)10
thickness (mm)1,5 -2,52,5-3030-60
thickness tolerance (mm)± 0,2± 0,5± 0,8
layer thickness (mm)2 - 20
max. width (mm)1200 ± 1
max. length (mm)3000 ± 2
bulk density (kg/m³)1700
bending strength (N/mm²)12,21
surface coating at customers' option it can be coated with a plastic  or aluminum foil

The fire-resistant board Palstop P5 is Branddex’ cost-efficient version that is used as coating  or insert for construction elements. It can be used in fire rated doors, partition walls or construction elements that need a whole surface fire-resistance. Due to its good adhesive features it can be glued to different materials and therefore it can be combined with other materials (e. g. mineral wool) as sandwich insert.

In combination with mineral wool layers doors can be protected effectively.

In combination with veneer elements fire-resistant coatings can be developed that also meets aesthetic requirements.

Technical Data

namePalstop P5  - fire protection board
humidity resistance not humidity resistant
area weight (kg/m²)
thickness (mm)5 ± 0,3
max. width (mm)1190 ± 2
max. lenght (mm)2500 ± 3