Intumescent strip and board

Intumescent strips and boards, that act as sealing agent

Foams and thermally insulates

Palstop P starts to foam under high pressure ( 0,9 N/mm²) at a temperature of 100 °C. In short time the board thickness can increase up to seven times. It creates a non-flamable, thermally insulating and pressure stable sealing material. This material closes gaps, seams and construction element conduits. Thus no hot gases and flames can penetrate. Due to the porous structure of the foamed material it has a very good thermal insulation. Additionally during the foam process a cooling effect occurs that works against a fast rise of the surface temperature  of the protected building element.

Intumescent strips with different colours and sizes

Palstop P – strips can be offered with different colours and sizes. Thus a constructive and colour-coordinated matching to the construction element can be accomplished. One can chose between different strip thicknesses in order to increase the foam quality (thickness rise). Optionally there is the possibilty to order adhesive strips. Thus the strips are easy to stick to the intended constrution element.

Adhesive Palstop P strips can be sticked to the slats of a ventilation shaft. Thus in case of fire the gaps between the slats are closed during the foam process.

Cable boxes can be upgraded with Palstop P boards. Thus the orifice is closed effectively in case of fire.

The frame of inspection flaps can be upgraded with Palstop P strips in order to accomplish a closing of gaps in case of fire.

Technical Data

namePalstop P  - Intumescent fire protection strip
fire classB2, low inflammable
thickness (mm)2,0-10,0 ± 0,2
max. width (mm)100 ± 1 (oder nach Wunsch des Kunden)
max. length (mm)2100 ± 2
thermal conductivity (W/(m×K))0,8
thermal conductivity (foamed strip) (W/km²)0,06
foaming pressure (N/mm²)0,90 - 1,80
foam factor 4,0 - 7,0
surface weight (kg/m²)2,8
Coveringplastic film
Double-face adhesive tapeat customer’s option

namePalstop P  - Intumescent fire protection board
fire classB2, low inflammable
thickness(mm)2,0 ± 0,2
max. width (mm)1000 ± 1
max. lenght (mm)2500 ± 2
thermal conductivity (W/(m×K))0,8
thermal conductivity (foamed board) (W/km²)0,06
foaming pressure (N/mm²)0,90 - 1,80
foam factor4,0 - 7,0
Surface weight (kg/m²)2,8
Coatingaluminium composite film